Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country - Game Boy Advance Title Screen
The title screen.
Platform Game Boy Advance
Released JP: December 12, 2003
NA: June 9, 2003
EU: June 6, 2003
Features Cheat codes
GameShark codes

Donkey Kong Country is a Game Boy Advance game that was originally for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Cheat codesEdit


North AmericaEdit

  • Must Be On (M)
    • b9061533
    • a0f44341
    • d18b2a92
    • 33d7c96f
  • Completed Scrapbook
    • b0c97063
    • 2b55dbf9
    • 26834b64
    • 4f498ed5
  • Invincibility
    • 6d957522
    • fa7f51e4
  • Infinite lives
    • aa3cf642
    • 999874d5


  • Must Be On (M)
    • 77bd1554
    • c2958e49
    • cbe268bb
    • cbe268bb
  • Infinite lives
    • a9bf8640
    • f6271448
  • Always have 99 Bananas
    • bae922d5
    • 20314f74


File selection cheatsEdit

Sound Player - DK Attack

The Sound Player.

  • In order for the player to earn fifty extra lives, he/she must hold down SELECT on the file selection screen and then press B, A, R, R, A and L.
  • In order for the player to access the Sound Test Menu, he/she must hold down SELECT on the file selection screen and press B, A, L, L and A.

Alternate DK Attack title screenEdit

In order for the player to get an alternate DK Attack screen, he/she must get an Special (S) ranking on all of the levels.


Hero ModeEdit

This mode can be unlocked once the Adventure mode is completed with at least a percentage of 100.

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